Monday, July 6, 2015

Julio 2015

For July 4th I thought of buying a big roll of firecrackers, but then I would not be following the rules.  So the forth was just another day here.
Today is Monday the 6th.  This week we have just 2 of every day left: 2 more Mondays, 2 more Tuesdays, etc.

 Sister Puac with her daughter and son who both served as missionaries.
We found Miriam & Omar shopping in La Torre store.  We have tried to visit them but he works crazy hours.  We hope they can go to the temple next month.

Sister Escobar and her husband work as seamstress and tailor.  They made a lot of ties and skirts for us.  Here is an old treadle sewing maching (Regina) that she has used for 14 years, with the treadle, not a motor.  You see a lot of them in the tailor shops.

She is quite adept with the treadle machine.  Her husband uses a Brother with a motor,
Our favorite S tree from the other side.

Yulisa Camila's mother was expecting her when we arrived in the mission.  Now she walks and is starting to talk.  We have seen the whole process, so I guess it is time to leave ☺☻
Below is the whole family.

Sister Wetzel reading stories during Primary in the small branch in Ocos.

Today there were 24 in attendance, about average.

Keep your fingers away from him.  He talks pretty good.  "Hola, Bonito, Bludvin (the son)" along with other words and whistles.

We saw this family get baptized last year.  They  will be going to the temple next month,
Oziris, Martin, Bludvin, Asusena, Maybelin Rodas
We went to the Temple this morning, then instead of coming home we took the road to the mission home to welcome 13 new missionaries.  This is the Volcano Santa Maria.  There is a little one on the other side of it that always has steam coming out of it,

Nice side saddles ☺☻
Omar and his grandmother

Omar and his mother.  He was baptized over a year ago.  She came to church on Sunday.

Little Wagner Otoniel Rodriguez.  We saw him grow the lasst 8 months.
Moroni and Jorge - his 8th birthday and some little presents we gave him,
Jorge, Teresa, Moroni, and Jorgito - who just turned Eight.
We taught them for several months helping them to grow stronger in the gospel.
Zuri just turned Eight, along with her brother, Javier, and sister, Dana.
Parents are Zulma Cardona and Edgar Castillo.

Velvet just went to the temple - with her3 children, Tito, Molly, and little Dieguito

The Rambutan is an exotic fruit grown here to export to U,S,  Here we can buy a dozen for cheap.  In the U.S. they cost about $1.50 each.  But they are really delicious.
The rambutan looks kind of like a big strawberry.  You cut it open and throw out the thick skin, eat the white fruit and spit out the pit,

The cocoa pods are almost ready to pick.  Go back to last year to see the cocoa cut open.  They take out the seeds inside and roast them to make cocoa powder.

Anselmo Perez is a faithful member of the church.  This is his little store, where he also lives.

Elmer and Marleni with daughter MaryJane.  2 sons not shown.

Bamboo hold up the cement as the roof is poured.

We taught this family several times.  We wish we had a few more weeks to prepare him for baptism.
Milli, Rosa, Carlos, and Luis Rodas, our next-door neighbors and owners of our house.