Sunday, May 4, 2014


May Day.

In my day it was the day Russia paraded all of their military might across Red Square in Moscow.  The good ol' days.

Sister Felipa turned 89 today, so we took her some flowers.  She was baptized last year.  When the Elders wanted to teach her she said, "Why do want to teach me?  I'm old, I can't read, I can't walk without a walker, and I can't hear very well."  They told her she was a daughter of God and had infinite value.  She is very sweet.

As we left Felipa's, these kids came down the steep street there and this is where the skateboard stopped.  They were tickled when I showed them their picture.

This was the farewell gathering for Alex, who reports to the MTC in Guatemala City on the 14th.  He has been a member for about 3 years.  Right now he serves as secretary to the Bishop - as an 18 year old,  This is his mother, Brenda.
Since they have very little, 2 weeks ago after church the bishop listed on the board things that he needed for the mission - pants, shirts, ties, garments, shoes, etc.  Volunteers signed up for everything except the suitcases.  This night those things were given to him,  He will be a strong missionary.

Today, Sunday, we went to La Blanca again - over an hour from here.  Looking for a member's house we passed this on the roadside.  I'm not sure which is the pig that went to market, but 10 mouths to feed and she is a single mother ☺☻

I like all the trees with different colored flowers.  This is an Acacia - reminds me of Acapulco where there are lots of them,

Mother's Day - Over 3 monts here.

Star Fruit - you can see more in the back ground

 One of our friends is a goat herder.  He takes 8-10 goats to downtown every morning where he sells the milk, then takes them back here - about 3 miles each way.  His daughter, Brisney, is 5.
 Adonias works hard at what is does.  He makes a better living than you might guess.

The Billy goat.  I like the beard ☺  Those are not milk bags .

 This is the pen where the goats are kept.  Their pasture is nearby.  The family lives in town, not here in the mountains.
 I think most people think bananas grow hanging down, but they grow up.

There are plenty of streams around.  Most of them are polluted - full of garbage, plastic bags and bottles.  People wash their clothes in them also, so soap is in the water.  This stream is in an area where there are not a lot of people, still you can see a bit of garbage and soap below.  So no fish.

Heidi (mother) and Brisney

Brisney and Heidi (sister)

About 8 am these 2 boys abouts 4 and 6 were taking a load of onions to the market using a handtruck like a wheel barrow,.

Elders Bagley and Coello in their stocking feet  next to our car.  It poured buckets for about an hour before.  They are soaked from the feet up.  They were in water up to their mid thigh and had to turn around and go back.

Mothers Day dinner

The center 3 are brothers, the wingmen are their cousins, all riding on a homemade cart.

An older lady riding sidesaddle.  Someday I'll get a pic of 4 or more on a motorcycle.

Elder Coello & Elder Bagley.  Most days it pours buckets for about an hour.  When it does the streets fill up.  Here they are at the bottom of a long hill where the water doesnt drain as fast.  Yep, they are in a street.  I asked if there were any fish there, and they said they only saw a shark ☺  You can go up 3 slides and see them afterward, soaking wet.


  1. Love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful pictures!

  2. Elder Wetzel,

    I heard "Ashokan Farewell" today and thought of you. I hope you've had some opportunities to play your violin. Love your Blog!!

    Cliff Hawkins