Saturday, July 12, 2014


 Does Guatemala have a 4th of July?

of course - right after the 3rd of July  ☺☻
 Colomba is a town up in the mountains, about 40 minutes from our house.  The temperature is about 10 degrees cooler than where we are.  We were there visiting some members when the sun went down.
 It is rare to see these sunsets.
 On our way to Quetzaltenango there are some volcanos.  We have not been able to see them before because of the constant cloud cover.  This day was better.
 The objects in the foreground are not grass huts, rather mounds of dirt from a dump truck
Nice little town on a hillside.  Good place to retire ☺

We went to the temple in Quetzaltenango for the 4th of July
We went with another couple to have some good food (not much where we live).  We shared a meter of cut steak and chicken, roasted onions and peppers with salsa.  Here our waiter made some custom salsa, adding our choices of things.

She got her hair done.  Only 250 quetzales and 3 hours!  But she feels way cooler now.

We were invited to a talent night with one of the wards here.  It was great!  These 2 10 year old boys danced to the music with several old dances, including the twist ☺☻  I will try up loading the video.

Critters are everywhere.  We don't mind until they come inside the house.

This guy is about 2 inches long.  The other night Vicky opened the gate where we park the car.  She bent down to pick up what she thought was a rock, but it was a toad.  She screamed loud enough that the owner neighbor came to see if she was alright.  By that time we were both laughing pretty hard.

We were invited to have dinner with Adonias, the goat herder in the olive shirt below.  They killed the old billy goat (look at pics in May or June).  

He blinked.  She had her baby 2 weeks later.

Thier kids.  The one is yellow will be baptized next week by her father, Adonias

Maria makes torillas on the street.  I like the tortilla stove, with the pipe coming up the back.  The fire is inside.
I saw these 2 brothers with their kite and asked to take a picture.
Sister Flores with 4 kids and a niece.
3 generations

 Drismy, Heidi, and cousin Esmeralda
 It is hard to see, but on the top shelf is a whole pig.  Each day they come with a new one.
 Little Mario's father builds cabinets, wood closets, etc.  He built a truck for his son.
 Heidi (in yellow) will be baptized this month by her father Adonias, who was baptized in March.
Heidi's mother is learning to read.  Vicky was a reading teaching for quite a while.

I know it is not a great pic, but from 30 yards away I saw what I swear was a humming bird,

Cute ☺
Vicky taught the Relief Society how to make bread.
Since most of them cook over fires and dont have ovens, they fried the dough and made scones with jam.
Some of their children
 I like bamboo and there is plenty of it here.  This bunch goes up another 15 feet above the picture.
They use it a lot in construction.  They will build the 1st floor of a house (with cinderblock and cement) then use 8 foot lengths of bamboo to support the cement roof they pour till it dries.  Stout stuff.

First time I have seen these flowers

Sunday was our 40th wedding anniversary.  Nobody knew, but Vicky got lots of compliments on her hair. 

 I got my hair done the same day but no one noticed. ☺ 

 William and Nancy have a nice family.  The boys are Angel, Bryan, and William.  
Nice hispanic names ☺☻
 The Elders needed us to drive them up into the mountains for a baptismal interview.  I am trying to find a way to take one of these ferns home next year.
We still have another 30 minutes to get to their home. 

Elder Garoz is from L.A., Elder Nelson from Canada, Elder Bejar from Mexico

 Heidy's birthday is on Pioneer day.  They killed 3 chickens to feed everyone.

 Sister Fave is a Tongan who lives in Fontana, California.  Sister Peguero is from the Dominican Republic.

 Today Adonias baptized his daughter, Heidy Celestina Rodriguez Lopez.
It was very nice service.  Their neighbor came, along with 2 of his sisters.


  1. I love your retirement village. Any trout fishing nearby?

  2. I enjoyed your latest post. I don't know if you heard but Don Larson's father passed away. They returned from the funeral earlier this week.

    Lisa and I are taking a trip to East Lake this week for some camping, fishing and meteor shower viewing. One last getaway before we go back to work.