Saturday, October 4, 2014


The 10th month of the year.  And we have 10 months to go on our mission. ☺

Woke up on Monday to clean house and found this on the screen outside.  It is a bit larger than life - about 3 1/2 inches across,  Beautiful moth.  Last week as we were going slow in the car a butterfly flying next to us, about this size.  It's wings were irradescent blue.

This is a new cornfield.  You can't see it, but the stalks from the last harvest are still in the field.  They plant beans next to the old stalks - it holds up the beans, so it is a beanstalk ☺  They plant corn 2 times a year - 2 harvests per year.
These are not grapefruit, but a type of lemon.
This is a branch of a cinnamon tree.  If you crush a leaf it smells like cinnamon,  When they take off a bigger branch they cut it into thin slices, lengthwise,  Then as it dries it curls up like a cinnamon stick,  So, cinnamon is not bark like I thought, rather it is wood,  How do you like the tie?  It is made from leftover material from Vicky's skirt, below
Now she is a "chapin" - a guatemalteca.  This is typical guatemalan material.

Today we went to the temple with the Diaz family.  We have been working closely with them for a few months.  They are long time members, just never made it to the temple.

 Sariah was cold, so I gave he my coat.
 Helaman wanted to wear the coat, too.  It is big enough for both of them,

 You may have heard of Noni fruit, noni juice - from Tonga -  the miracle fruit that cures everything.  It grows well here too,
 This morning across the street there was this bird (woodpecker?) eating the bugs off the back window of a car.  He kept sliding down the glass, so was fluttering about trying to keep his balance.
 Last night there was a talent show in a local ward.  Here the sister missionaries do a dance.  The one in red is from Hawaii, the one
in yellow from Tonga.
I like the sign behind them "Show de Talentos" is Talent Show.  But the TA fell off, so it is "Show de  lentos" - Show of
the Slow Ones.  Very appropriate cause nothing here starts on time.  Usually activities are 30-60 minutes late.
 The brother played a couple fo nice numbers, then this sister (not his wife) sang a crazy song anout It's Going to Rain (hence the umbrella).

And the Young Women did a nice dance,
Here is a short video of them,

Wagner Otoniel Rodriguez has finally arrived.  We have been working with his family since March.
Here is the crib we bought for him.  In Spanish it is called a Moises - Spanish for Moses.

Here is the Rodriguez family.

Karla was given permission by her parents to be baptized.  It took 2 months for that to happen.  She is 12, the same age that Sister Wetzel was when she was baptized.

 The other day we went to the far corner of our Stake to visit members in the branch in El Amparo.
Then we drove on a half hour more to make visits in El Tumbador.

Cool natural figure, about 8 feet tall.

Nice Sunset behind the trees.

This morning as we stopped for a red light there was this clown juggling machetes.  I just caught the end.  Maybe David could learn this, but it might cost him a finger or two. ☺

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