Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 June

June:  The rain has started, but not as much as last year.  It is good, the temperature drops about 10 degrees.  The places we visit to work with the small branches and teach some members do not get much rain, so it is still hot there, around 97º most days.

We got permission to travel to Antigua, an old city about 5 hours drive from our house.  This is on the way.  The city we visited sits at the base of 2 volcanoes.

We are headed up the mountain - these weird land forms intrigued us.


A lady in typical dress, carrying a big load of strawberries.

It gets cloudy  in the afternoon

Nope, not in Guatemala.  David and Jonathan with their wives at a place in Provo.

Karen y Jamie

Marleni, Eric, Jamie, Karla, and Carlos Rene

Mercedes, Karen, and Amparo - 3 generations of daughters

The Cardona Family - Zulma, Danna, Javier, and Zury

Elder White with the family he baptized, the day they got sealed in the temple.
Yuri, Sergio, Lesvia, Mishel

Nice Flowers.

While waiting in the car, Vicky took a picture of this moth on our windshield - about 2 inches long,

We went up over the mountains to do temple interiviews in 3 small branches.  This is on the way back down the mountain.

 You can get a first class shoe shine for 25 -  30 cents, 2 or 3 Quetzales
 Ever wonder where palm oil comes from?  From palms, duh.  But it is this group of small grape sized fruit that grows in the palm that they harvest and take to the factory.
 This cloud has a silver lining ☺☻
 Sisters Drismy and Heidi in their Guatemalan skirts, at church.

Carlos and Gaby Gomez-Palacios took us to dinner as their way of showing thanks for helping them get to the temple last February.  It was good to relax and talk with them.

This isn't the worst one.  Sometimes you can barely see the bus, truck, or car.

This video is especially for Vaughn.  This is inside the chapel.

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